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Picture your Flagstaff wedding at Little America Hotel Flagstaff, Arizona.

Jessica & Shawn

Jessica & Shawn's Holiday Wedding.


11,500 feet on a mountain top in the San Francisco Peaks.

Atop the Peaks!

Joel and Andrea's Flagstaff Wedding 2 miles above sea level.
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the Flagstaff Radisson Hotel,

Donna & Mark

Donna and Mark's Flagstaff Wedding


a sacred place

Anne & Mario

    Anne and Mario's (from Los Angeles, California) Wedding.


the national forest near Flagstaff, Arizona

Monica & Raymond

Monica and Raymond's (from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Flagstaff Wedding.


the desert,

Janet & Charlie

Janet & Charlie's Wedding, near Scottsdale, Arizona.


your back yard,

John & Shelley

    John and Shelley's (from Tucson, Arizona) Wedding.


a church,

Felicia & Ty

Felicia & Ty's Flagstaff Wedding,
ceremony performed by
Doctor Joseph Harris Jr. of Higher Ground Ministries,
at First Missionary Baptist Church in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Lowell Observatory Flagstaff, AZ



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