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Reiki in the desert

Reiki in the Desert.


Electromagnetic Frequency Balancing Technique
 and the Universal Calibration Lattice

The concept of "healing energy" has been around a long time. All the great masters have performed healing miracles through the ages.  Jesus, Buddha, and many others. Jesus even said "...and even greater things than these shall you do in my name." How did the masters do it, and what did they mean? Could it be as simple as having the intention to balance the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), a system in our human energy anatomy that connects each of us to the Cosmic Lattice or Universal Source?

Lee Carroll's book, "Letters From Home," Kryon Book #7, states that "the Cosmic Lattice is the greatest tool we humans now have available to us.  Tap into the energy of the Cosmic Lattice, through your own lattice, and enter into a state of cellular awareness that brings about new abilities. The latent abilities activated include clarity, profound peace, better health, and rejuvenation. People all over the world are waking to their divine nature, and want to help others to remember."

While the basic pattern of the UCL is the same for all of us, the calibration is uniquely personal. Calibration is determined by the mathematical relationship between each person's vibrational frequency and the Cosmic Lattice. The calibration of the fibers is quite complex, which is why INTENT is so important. The basic intention of an Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Balancing Technique session is to balance the human electromagnetic field, allowing the individual's energy to open as many   circuits as possible to the Cosmic Lattice.

EMF enables us to tap into our own lattice, clears and harmonizes information from the past, transforms and transmutes it into a column of golden wisdom and support, brings us into the now and present time, and connects us with our future potential self.

As you look at the illustration, note the column of pure light running straight down through the center of the body. This is the core energy with unification in progress, the open circuit of the UCL that connects us to Universal Source or the Cosmic Lattice. The figure '8' infinity loops, energy fibers that radiate from the chakras and connect us to core energy, process information into our long informational fibers, to the universe, and back again into the biology, enabling us to bring co-creation into the here and now.

These changes occur through the clearing of the long informational fibers located behind us that hold our history, hereditary patterns, past-life records, and all the events experienced in this lifetime. The records look like tiny disks of light and hold the information in place electromagnetically. They often hold an excess energy charge that manifests a reality that repeats over and over in the present time. It may be a reality we desire, but too often our "energy history" creates a negative repetitive pattern that restricts our growth.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro, who channeled information for the UCL and also conceived and developed the EMF Balancing Technique, has worked with the lattice information for a decade.

Dubro states: "We gently release the excess 'negative' energy, now freed to be used in more beneficial ways as we co-create our reality in the NOW. We live in a time of opportunity for Karmic release in grace. The fibers are channels for the higher charge of energy we need to claim this personal state of grace. The more present you are in the now, the greater the electrical charge you carry. The electrical charge of your history and the charge of your future potential all feed into the now."

In my experience with EMF Balancing Technique, it has strengthened the core energy; brought peace through connection with Source and my life mission; led to enhanced creativity and co-creation of reality in the NOW; and opened the way to greater assurance of divine order.

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